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The Young And The Jobless

In “What I Did When I Couldn’t Find a Job,” Fordham University alumnus Andrew Dana Hudson reflects on the economic decisions which prompted him to move to India post-graduation.

“I couldn’t find a job, but neither could anyone I knew,” writes Hudson for the Chronicle of Higher Education. “Now, more than a year after graduation, most of my college friends still live at home, and many of those who have moved out are borrowing money from their parents to eat and pay rent.”

“Some are applying to grad school just to have something to do, but the prospect of racking up thousands more dollars in student debt is crushing,” he writes. “The rest are still looking, sending out résumés, going to career fairs, volunteering for experience, and networking.”

Some have given up, he argues. “… We are a whole generation graduating into a job market that has no room for us.”

According to his article, Hudson studied abroad in India two years earlier, and after graduation he approached a contact in India, got an offer, and moved there for an “informal” job.

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