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Teachers Union Perpetual Motion Machine

In this interesting video, Reason.TV explains the iron triangle that exists between teachers, the government, and teachers’ unions, and how this growing perpetual motion machine sucks up additional tax dollars each year.

“And that’s because the machine isn’t designed to produce better schools, it’s designed to produce more money for unions and more donations for politicians,” asserts the video. “It’s a political perpetual motion machine and the only way to stop it is to break the chain of automatic money transfers for taxpayers to the government, to the unions and then back to politicians.”

To learn more about how some feel that unions are controlling America, you can check out my blog entry “America’s Shadowbosses Exposed.” From the original:

Unions, be it for postal workers or car manufacturers, exert significant political clout in America. The public sector unions, in particular, have seen significant growth in recent decades. “For the past half century government employee unions have been winning,” argued Mallory Factor at a recent Heritage event. “The unions’ power and privilege has been ratcheted up, never down, and it has been ratcheted up toward greater union power neverless.”

It’s our job to reverse that pattern and restore sanity and fiscal policy to our country.”

“What I discovered [when writing my book] is that shadow bosses are setting the agenda,” he said. Citadel Professor Factor is the author ofShadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers BlindA shadow boss is a power-that-be that controls policies or outcomes from behind the scenes, he said, and unions pull the strings of politicians, city councils, and school boards, and try to make sure that only favorable leaders stay in office. “ It’s really about our government spending too much on government employees: hiring too many and paying them too much,” he argued.

“It is shocking to me, but not to people like James Sherk over here, that over 20 million people work for government and 41% of those people are represented by a union,” he said. …

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