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Professor Gets Time Out for Electioneering

As the election nears it is not surprising to find professors lobbying for their favorite candidate, Barack Obama. As mentioned in a previous post, “Obama My Classroom,” Ohio State University Professor Brian McHale was investigated after he sent an email around offering to have Obama staffers conduct get-out-the-vote presentations in his fellow staff’s classrooms. (McHale’s note did offer to make it a voter registration discussion without the Obama emphasis, upon request.)

Now Professor Sharon Sweet from Brevard Community College has been placed on voluntary “unpaid leave of absence” after she distributed a GottaVote.org pledge among her students and heavily encouraged them to vote for Barack Obama, according to allegations from a concerned parent, reports Todd Starnes for Fox News.

“The website Watchdogwire.com, which first reported the allegations, said the students were told to sign a pledge that read: ‘I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket,”’ Starnes reports.

“She also told us to put our party affiliation on the bottom of it, which I was extremely uncomfortable with. I didn’t even know that was legal,” states an anonymous BCC student in the included Fox News video. “Glisch said senior college officials investigating the complaints will interview the roughly 100 students in Sweet’s classes,” reported WTSP.com.

This isn’t the first time that math classes have been used for political purposes or indoctrination. To read more examples of political math curricula, you may want to check out my 2007 article, “Activist Math.”

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