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Now Hiring Bachelor’s?

As recently reported by USA Today, one third of millennials have earned four-year degrees. In my previous blog entry I discussed the financial perils facing these students, who often graduate unable to find a job in their major (unemployed or underemployed) and saddled heavily with debt.

However, it looks like the job market for those with Bachelor’s degrees is creeping upward somewhat, according to a new report issued by Michigan State University (pdf). “The new college labor market inches ahead with a 3 percent gain over last year across all degrees,” it states. “Strong demand for marketing, finance, human resources, and advertising majors as well as the inclusive ‘all majors’ group will push up hiring for Bachelor’s degrees by 5 percent.”

“This growth comes despite a softer market for engineers, accountants, and computer science majors than in the previous two years.” The authors surveyed 4,300 employer representatives, 67% of which were “full-time hiring managers or recruiters.”

“Employers were slightly more optimistic this year about the college labor market than last year, rating the overall market as ‘fair’ and ‘good,’” notes Susanna Kim for ABC News.



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