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Another Form of Diversity for UC Boulder

You know that intellectual diversity is lacking when it takes a special appointment to get a conservative into the University of Colorado at Boulder lineup. Oh wait, it’s only for one year. This is apparently newsworthy stuff.

“Steven Hayward has been named the first ‘visiting scholar in conservative thought and policy’ at the University of Colorado at Boulder, a position created with the intent of broadening intellectual diversity among the flagship campus’s left-leaning faculty,” reported Sydni Dunn for The Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday. “Mr. Hayward, a fellow at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, in Ohio, will begin his one-year appointment this fall. It is part of a three-year, $1-million pilot program financed entirely by private donations.”

“He is scheduled to teach four undergraduate courses: three in political science and one in environmental studies. The university will also encourage him to lead public events designed to foster diverse political discussion.” More specifically, Mr. Hayward will teach Constitutional Law 1 and 2  and Free-Market Environmentalism. These will definitely be a change from the status quo at UC Boulder.

As my time with Accuracy in Academia demonstrated, radical professors are sometimes afraid that intellectual diversity will prevent them from inculcating their leftist views on campus. Also, large political contributions from universities go to their counterparts on the left.

Hayward was the 2009 speaker for one of AIA’s book dinners. You can view the first part of his lecture, on Ronald Reagan, at the link.



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