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Long Absence

As some of my more faithful readers may have noticed, I have been absent from the blogosphere for about a month. I recently joined Accuracy in Media as a Research Assistant and have been having quite a bit of fun helping out with stories there.

Some of my articles published by AIM, the sister organization of my former employer, Accuracy in Academia, are:

President Corrupt or President Inept?

 “Three brewing scandals have formed a vicious trifecta which threatens to sink the Obama Administration: the Internal Revenue Services’ targeting of conservative groups, the Benghazi scandal, and the subpoena of two months of phone records from the Associated Press. The Administration’s relationship with the news media, according to The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi, has escalated from “simmering tension” to a ‘boil’ over the last of these actions.

One might dispute the original idea of a ‘simmering tension’ between the love-struck media and President Barack Obama. Likewise, Bob Schieffer’s reporting and other media narratives call into question that the room’s temperature has risen for the right reasons. It seems that the media are calling for more leadership, rather than for justice in the midst of these scandals.…”

Don’t Forget Misha

“The mainstream media are absent on the Misha story, preferring to let the discussion of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s possible mentor devolve into hearsay reporting rather than to delve in-depth into the background of this Islamist. Perhaps he undermines the narrative that this was a couple of self-radicalized kids who were just taking out their anger at America for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. …”

 The Washington Post Now Fully On Board with Gosnell Trial

“The Washington Post has performed an about face in its coverage of the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Where once there was no media coverage of the story, because it was “local” news, now The Washington Post is replete with articles covering the trial from multiple angles.

While the Post’s Martin Baron should be congratulated on deciding to cover the story in depth—he’s planning on sending a dedicated reporter—it took reader criticism to prompt the paper to do so. As this correspondent earlier outlined, the Post’s Sarah Kliff tweeted to Mollie Hemingway of Patheos.com that the story was ‘local crime’ and that she focuses on policy, and therefore would not cover it. …”

Media Excuse Themselves on Gosnell Trial Coverage

“The mainstream media have become too comfortable following the legislative and policy agendas set by the White House and other liberals, so that when a truly newsworthy story comes to the fore, it is sidelined as ‘local news’ instead of getting the front-page coverage it deserves. When the Newtown Massacre occurred, for example, the front pages were flooded with news about gun control which continues to this day. When a judge overturned the soda ban in New York City, many news outlets debated the merits of such a ban. But the alleged murder of seven infants and a patient by a homicidal doctor performing late-term abortions? That’s local news.

Perhaps the media outlets were scared that the story about Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s gruesome treatment of babies born alive during late-term abortions might lead to a call for additional protections for the rights of the unborn. This sets a new standard for what is meant by ‘pro-choice.’ ‘Let’s just state the obvious: National political reporters are, by and large, socially liberal,’ wrote David Weigel for Slate magazine. ‘There is a bubble. Horror stories of abortionists are less likely to permeate that bubble than, say, a story about a right-wing pundit attacking an abortionist who then claims to have gotten death threats.’ …”



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