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Millennials Largely Oppose Affirmative Action

A recent poll by Georgetown University and the Public Religion Research Institute highlights the ongoing racial tensions over the affirmative action question. Continue reading


Racial Preferences Under Review

The case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin will come before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday, October 10th. The outcome of this case could determine the future of racial preferences both at the University of Texas at Austin and in higher education nationwide. Continue reading

Professor Gets Time Out for Electioneering

Professor Sharon Sweet from Brevard Community College has been placed on voluntary “unpaid leave of absence” after she distributed a GottaVote.org pledge among her students and told them to vote for Barack Obama, according to allegations. Continue reading

Charters Enticing Private School Families

A recent report from the Cato Institute highlights a different type of competition fostered by school choice: public versus private. As Adam Schaeffer discusses in the report, charter schools, since they are government subsidized, are enticing parents away from the private education sector and back into the public school system. Continue reading

Obama My Classroom

“Democracy: love it or lose it.” That’s how Ohio State University Professor Brian McHale ended his recent email exhorting his fellow teachers to invite Obama campaign volunteers into their classrooms. The purpose was ostensibly to boost voter registration, but secondarily to create volunteers for the Obama campaign. Continue reading