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Another Form of Diversity for UC Boulder

You know that intellectual diversity is lacking when it takes a special appointment to get a conservative into the University of Colorado at Boulder lineup. Oh wait, it’s only for one year. This is apparently newsworthy stuff. Continue reading


Rate Shock Threatens Young Americans

Young Americans are faced with joblessness, skyrocketing school loans, and burdensome entitlement programs. Now, health care prices will be rising considerably, threatening “rate shock” on America’s consumers. Aetna is “cautioning that premiums for plans sold to individuals could rise as much as 50 percent on average and could more than double for particular groups such as the young and healthy,” according to the Washington Post’s N.C. Aizenman.

For Aizenman, the question is not whether these hikes are justified, but whether young consumers will skip health insurance entirely–and take the penalty instead. Continue reading

Professor Gets Time Out for Electioneering

Professor Sharon Sweet from Brevard Community College has been placed on voluntary “unpaid leave of absence” after she distributed a GottaVote.org pledge among her students and told them to vote for Barack Obama, according to allegations. Continue reading

Mann Freed of FOIA

Professor Michael Mann is perhaps best known among climate change skeptics for his appropriately dubbed “nature trick,” as described by Phil Jones in the ClimateGate emails. An advocacy group, the American Tradition Institute (ATI), lost a court battle this Monday to look into Professor Mann’s conduct at the University of Virginia. Continue reading

Vouchers Boosting College Enrollment

A recent study issued by the Brookings Institution and the Harvard Kennedy School examines how a voucher program boosted college enrollment rates among African Americans. However, according to the study’s authors, the New York City voucher program run by the School Choice Scholarships Foundation Program (SCSF) did not demonstrate a significant impact on participant’s enrollment in college overall. Continue reading