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Perverse Welfare Incentives

What if you had to choose between your child learning to read and making ends meet each month? Before child labor laws were passed, the solution for the poor seemed to be to pull kids out of schools and place them to work in factories or other employment. For some today, argues Nicholas D. Kristof in a recent column, the solution may be to make sure their kids don’t learn to read. That way the parents can continue to collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks. Continue reading


Nanny-to-Granny State Takeover

Barack Obama’s new progressive agenda has attempted to fundamentally transform every aspect of American society during his administration, argues the author of Takeover: How the Left’s Quest for Social Justice Corrupted Liberalism. While the liberalism voiced prior to the 1960s focused on caring for society’s disadvantaged and protecting citizens against what were seen as the flaws of capitalism, argues co-author Donald T. Critchlow, 1960s radicals changed liberalism to focus on limiting consumption in the name of social justice. But, he argues, this new progressivism–the new liberalism espoused by Barack Obama and many of within his administration–seeks to control consumption by regulating from the cradle to the grave. Continue reading

Back To A Culture of Dependency

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides mean-based cash assistance to families, but requires that states ensure a certain percentage of recipients are working or looking for a job, also known as workfare requirements. Rector points out in his recent backgrounder for the Heritage Foundation that, according to Health and Human Services 2011 data, 41.6% of households on TANF are exempt from federal work requirements. 31.6% percent of adults on TANF were idle and only 14.3% of these adult recipients met the federal activity standard, or workfare requirements, according to Rector. Continue reading

Welfare Reform Curveball

Changes to welfare could increase Americans’ dependency on the U.S. government immediately prior to the elections, posits a recent Romney campaign ad. Continue reading