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Long Absence

As some of my more faithful readers may have noticed, I have been absent from the blogosphere for about a month. I recently joined Accuracy in Media as a Research Assistant and have been having quite a bit of fun helping out with stories there. Continue reading


U.S. Indirectly Helping Al Qaeda Rebels

The United States and its allies are engaged in a tense and confusing intervention within Syria, where arms and aid are being sent to rebels whose loyalties are under question. As the Washington Post reported on February 23, “A surge of rebel advances in Syria is being fueled at least in part by an influx of heavy weaponry in a renewed effort by outside powers to arm moderates in the Free Syrian Army, according to Arab and rebel officials.” The Free Syrian Army works alongside Al Nusrah, a terrorist organization associated with Al Qaeda. Continue reading

Media Bullies and Creationist Agendas

Many of America’s institutions have been overcome by the liberal establishment and serve as mouthpieces for their agenda, argues author Ben Shapiro in his latest book, Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America. The left has “decided the the political debate is worthless,” he said at a recent Heritage event. Continue reading

Poll Shows Strong Support for Voter ID

According to a recent Washington Post poll, there is broad national support for Voter ID legislation despite concerns about voter suppression. Continue reading